Ms. Gonzalez, Mr. Puccio, Mr. Bowman

Welcome to Middle School Math!

In middle school, math is taught by Ms. Gonzalez, Mr. Puccio, and Mr. Bowman. Students who excel in math have the opportunity to take an advanced level math course for their respective grade level. The advanced math courses are taught by Mr. Bowman. Each student is provided a curriculum in line with their ability level and graduates prepared for high school math curriculum. 

Curriculum and Goals

The processes of problem solving, reasoning, communication, making connections, and designing and analyzing images must be integrated into all standards. It is essential, where appropriate, that students are able to interpret, verify, and determine the reasonableness of their results for all standards. The components of rigor, conceptual understanding, application and procedural skill and fluency, are woven through our curriculum.


Math curricula aligns with Archiocesan standards and the Catholic Common Core. Standards and goals may be accessed through the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon


Throughout math courses we tie in appropriate discussion of math related concepts to encourage and develop Lifelong Learning, Self-Awareness, Responsible Citizenship and Catholic Values. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of awareness, responsibility and an appreciation of learning math concepts now and throughout their lives as they grow and develop beyond middle school.


Throughout the math classes we strive to make use of technology with the use of Chromebooks. Students are encouraged to make appropriate and responsible decisions with their use of technology. Programs used to enhance the math curriculum include ALEKS and Khan Academy. 

Current Families

Current families may find the following links helpful for their students:

Khan Academy